Marissa and Lilian's OCAD's Plastactic

OCAD's Plastactic 
Our Big Idea is to raise awareness about the amount of plastics we consume within our soctiey. We are not trying to make people feel bad about the problem, but show how bad the problem is and in turn give them an alternative to better the situation at hand. Hopefully this helps people from buying plastic water bottles. Bottled water is the single largest growth area among all beverages; This includes alcohol, juices and soft drinks. Per Capita consumption has more than doubled over the last decade.

For our Idea we plan to set up an area in Butterfield Park where students from the student union or those students who volunteer for the cause will be working on shifts. They will be guarding the large mountain of plastic bottles. They will also be there for people to sign up and tallying how many bottles people bring per day. Posters will be the first thing distributed around the school and community and flyers will be distributed two weeks prior to the event. There will also be a large banner to show people where to sign up for this event. This event is to raise awareness mainly for OCAD students but also to show our local community the amount of waste produced from plastic bottles. At the end of this event there will be a huge mountain of wasted plastic bottles. Hopefully this will leave an impact on the students and show the devastating amount of waste caused  by water bottles. Unfortunately there is no refund for plastic water bottles. So they would be transported to recycling. This idea is not meant to solve the problem entirely but change the way people look at the issue. If we give 50 people free OCAD water bottles that they can keep for years, this will eliminate 50 more people from buying 50 plastic water bottles.

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