Making OCAD and Our Local Community a Better Place by Alfred Wong, Stewart Shum

Last month, OCAD sponsored a program called 'Green Exchange' which provided an opportunity for people to divert end-of-life electronics away from the landfill sites. We were successful at recycling 3000lbs of e-waste. In addition people also had the opportunity to select and re-use some of the electronic equipment. So what happened after that Green Exchange?

OCAD will continue to collect used batteries, cell phones and printer cartridges for proper recycling. Collection boxes are located outside of the Service Bureau (Level 2 and Level 6 of 100 McCaul Street) and outside 317e, the Store for Computers and Books (Level 3, 100 McCaul Street).

Ongoing Challenges: E-waste occurs on an ongoing basis and it tends to clutter our basements, storage areas and other parts of our offices and homes until we find a way to dispose of it. There are a number of recycling depots that will accept E-Waste throughout the GTA but if it is not convenient for people, the E-Waste likely sits and gathers dust. What else can be done? Here's our proposal: OCAD to sponsor, and coordinate an ongoing 'Green Exchange' program 2-4x per year. Our model is based upon a three-prong approach:
  • Partnerships
  • Communication
  • Planning & Organization

We are looking for partners to assist us in the development, execution and maintenance of the E-Waste Recycling program. The partners that we are focusing on are:
  • E-Waste Recyclers
  • Community
  • OCAD

We are seeking to help the community understand the damage to the environment by not disposing of E-Waste in a responsible manner.
  • Education
  • Identity
  • Awareness
Planning & Organization:

Planning & organization is critical to the sustainability and ongoing maintenance of the program. Our three areas of focus are:
  • Volunteers
  • E-Waste Program Development
  • Information Systems

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