THE GREEN SCREEN- david, amy, ash and ver

Above image is an example of what the green screen would look like

The problem we chose to address was not having any operable windows on the 5th floor. Causing a somewhat stuffy feeling in the atmosphere as this area becomes crowded with students.

We initially started off the with the idea of incorporating green walls to clean the air, add a more liveable feeling to the environment and natural elements to the busy stressful area.. After doing some research we discovered that it would not be feasable mainly due to cost issues, but we started analyzing the benefits and negatives of the green walls and decided to design a similar approach whereby the students could interact with it, but with similar benefits to the green wall.

We came up with the green screen which is a planter box on wheels with a trellis in it and climbing plants (vines) growing up and on it. This model would be not higher than six feet and is multifunctional, posing as a partition wall which may provide privacy depending on its arrangement. With the student interaction by moving this device we also decided to incorporate other features such as seating and additional desks to create a workspace. Smalll trickling portable fountains can also be incorporated to add a blissful acoustic. This device being modular allows for the air quality to be cleaned not in one, but many areas.

The plants we have chosen that work best with the 'green screens' is called pothos. Which is an evergreen leafy vine, easy to grow, climbing on any surface. It is low maintenance due to the fact that it can receive in-frequent watering. There is no need for fertilizer and it is adaptable to almost any environment, therefore it can be in full light or dark shade. This plant also has minimal to no insects, is odor free and contains no pollen for those who suffer from allergies.

The ' green screen' can be moved to any area of the school, most helpful in environments dealing with harmful materials that release toxins into the air. This inexpensive design would be very effective and will make the overall atmosphere (of where it is placed) a more relaxing, comfortable area.

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