Get-smart, get a new smart student id now! :) (timothy lee and stephanie yiu)

Ever had an experience that you just ran out of change to buy tokens from the subway station? Or in worst case that you also didn’t have dollar bills in your wallet as well?

Ever thought every time accessing the printing machines, photocopy machines at OCAD are very time consuming in terms of the long process in every stage of the execution to in order to accessing the machines?

To save all the wasted resources and time, yet making OCAD community a more convenience and efficiency place, we are happy to present you the high end technology mini chip sensor combined with the OCAD student ID card. With this combination of high end technology and wisdom, by simply carrying the brand new smart student card, all the issues would be resolved easily.

-Accessing TTC services even if you ran out of money.

-Accessing photocopy and printing machines without having to add money value to student account before hand in order to do so.

- Rechargeable machines are now available at all the TTC stations and OCAD stationeries.

So what are you waiting for? The revolution has just begun.

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Anonymous said...

OCAD should consider these smart cards; it will make a student's life a little easier.